Cabinet sets up crisis organization for Ukrainian refugees

Cabinet sets up crisis organization for Ukrainian refugees

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Tuesday after a cabinet meeting about the war in Ukraine that the cabinet would view the admission of large numbers of Ukrainian refugees as a crisis.

Rutte explains that the crisis structure was deployed because the Netherlands had to be well prepared for a large influx of refugees.

Treating the reception of Ukrainian refugees as a crisis means, among other things, regular consultations led by Minister Dilan Yeşilgöz (Justice and Security). Such a crisis structure was previously used around the MH17 disaster and the corona crisis.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Eric van der Burg writes in a letter to the House of Representatives that the approach will consist of three phases. In this first phase, approximately two thousand reception centers will be set up in various parts of the country. They have already been implemented and about a thousand four hundred Ukrainian refugees are staying in these shelters.

It is expected that the number of refugees will increase so sharply in the short term that new reception places will have to be opened. In the coming period, the 25 safety zones must deploy a total of about 50,000 reception places.

Stakeholders should also prepare for phase three, which will also include good long-term care.

Organizations steer specialized care in the right direction

In the letter to parliament, Van der Burg also responds to numerous Dutch offers to support refugees with food or clothing or to offer Ukrainians shelter.

In order for the private reception to take place safely, humanitarian organizations help the Red Cross, the VluchtelingenWerk and the Salvation Army in recruiting, selecting and guiding host families and housing. The government makes money from it.

According to the State Secretary, citizens’ initiatives show the solidarity of many Dutch people and put less pressure on admission, but they can also lead to Ukrainian refugees being excluded from the government, says Van der Burg. As a result, they can become victims of exploitation, for example.

Source: NU