Get to know the most intimate side of those who want to rule Colombia

Rodolfo Hernández assures that his fortune at the age of 77 is 100 million dollars, but also that he did not amassed it overnight, but rather came from a peasant house in Piedecuesta, Santander, and little by little became one of the most important and notable businessmen and politicians of Colombia.

From his father Luis Jesús Hernández Rojas, a farm worker since his early years of life and who was kidnapped by the FARC for more than three months, he assures him, “the common sense that reason wisely uses to solve problems when is attacked by outsiders, a common sense that comes more from the wisdom of the land than from university education.”

And from his mother, Cecilia Suárez de Hernández, he acquired the ability to solve problems as quickly as possible: “She had never heard of Confucius, but with her tender peasant wisdom she encouraged me and advised me in other words, but comparable ideas to those of the great thinker who said, “four things must be extinguished in the beginning: debt, fire, enemies, and disease.”

He has three brothers, was a school weightlifting champion and had a reputation as a “drinker” in his youth. He is married to Socorro Oliveros and father of four children, but one of them, Juliana, was kidnapped in 2004 by the THAN and today she’s missing: Hernández said he wouldn’t pay her ransom to avoid kidnapping another family member. His children are Mauricio, Luis Carlos and Rodolfo José, and his grandchildren Rodolfo José and Ana Sofía, to whom he rents and shares plots of land, “so that they have their economic independence.”

He studied first at school in Piedecuesta and then in Bucaramanga. He graduated as a civil engineer from the National University, where he had Ramón de Zubiría, Abelardo Forero Benavides, Gloria Zea, Marta Traba, Antonio Páez Restrepo and Enrique Kerpel as professors. A year after graduating, he founded with several partners the construction company HG (Hernández Gómez y Cía. Ltda.), dedicated to the progress of works in Piedecuesta, Floridablanca and Bucaramanga. Later, he and his family bought the entire company and specialized in the construction of affordable housing in Bucaramanga, Floridablanca, Piedecuesta, Socorro, Barbosa, Girón, Barranquilla and Bogotá. He confirms that he has never signed a contract with the state and that he has developed the financing method PLAN 100, “which will eventually become a milestone in housing construction in Bucaramanga and across the country.”

In 2016, he was elected mayor of Bucaramanga with 77 thousand votes, waving the anti-corruption flag. His main quality, say those who know him, is that he is authentic, and his flaw is that he is “too accommodating: everywhere we always have to wait because we arrive so early.” His favorite food is the Neapolitan Milanese, he listens to Andrea Bocelli and Pavarotti, he likes spy movies and he reads everything. His family confirms that he has already served as a son, father, husband, grandfather and boss, and that he must now serve as president. And although he is currently third in the polls, the truth is that he is the big surprise in this election and apparently has a greater intention to vote than several presidential candidates and veteran politicians precisely because of his projected anti-political image.

Source: El Heraldo