“President Duque did not obey the law”: Sergio Fajardo

presidential candidate Sergio Fajardoof the hope center, denounced this Tuesday for the House impeachment committee to the president Ivan Duke not to object to the amendment of the guarantee law included in the government project of the 2022 budget.

Fajardo pointed out that “the president of the republic is the person with the highest responsibility in our democracy and should start by setting an example.”

“The President is responsible for following the law in Colombia and President Duque has not obeyed the law (…). What was done was to break the law, to do politics at the head of the President, who do not participate in politics and all this ends for me in a corrupt act,” he warned.

The candidate attended Congress this Tuesday with the members of the Centro Esperanza Coalition: Senator Jorge Enrique Robledo, Senator Antonio Sanguino, the Representative in the elected House, Jennifer Pedraza; Juan Fernando Cristo, Guillermo Rivera and Julian Rodriguez Sastoque

He added that the task of the Legislative Investigation Cell is to “find out where have gone the funds that were used while the Guarantee Act amendment was in effect, from last November to the present month of May, and that they would have been used in the regions to support election campaigns through intergovernmental agreements between the nation and the territorial entities”.

For his part, Antonio Sanguino pointed out that the head of state “knew that changing the warranty law was unconstitutional, despite repeatedly warning us, they did it. It must take its responsibility by adopting the amendment to the law.”

Source: El Heraldo