Fernandez’s Holy Week is over and the house is not in order

Fernandez’s Holy Week is over and the house is not in order

Fernandez’s Holy Week is over and the house is not in order

With the decisive support of the opposition, the president managed to get out of default, while in the government everything is unclear.

Alberto Fernandez has not yet made difficult decisions

Რa Raul Alfonsin In 1987, Alberto Fernandez The internal uprising of cristamporista carapintadas ended on Friday morning. Thanks to the decisive support of his opponents, he managed to escape the terminal trap of his government, such as default.

But, as 35 years ago, the house is not tidy, despite the efforts of the current president (as then), the gap is considered to have survived. Again, politics and, in particular, Fernandez’s management are not capable of providing certainty.

Uncertainty still exists on all fronts, beyond the initial and conjunctural celebrations of the markets or beyond the leadership and the majority of the population following a relaxed break after approval by the House of Representatives. Agreement with the International Monetary Fund. Even if it is clear that the Senate will sign the law by the end of this week, everything is still fragile and nothing has been fixed.

The argument deepened inside Everyone’s former front (Never more obviously boasting), opens up new questions, and promises to present more chapters of strong influence for politics and economics. It is expected, but no one can guarantee that they will not disturb the social peace.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Alberto Fernandez and Sergio Massa
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Alberto Fernandez and Sergio Massa

Fernandez is obliged to do what is difficult for him: to continue to make difficult decisions. And, besides, the blow alone. The rapprochement of some supporters of the government and many opponents to bring the government out of the abyss has almost no chance of recurrence. If another gap does not intervene not only for the government but also for the country.

In terms of analogies, we must remember that the multi-party balcony of Casa Rosada alfonsinista offered only a photograph. Countless further problems, which the radical administration could not solve, have always shown the government alone. So there were more than two years left before the next presidential election. Now, There are only 18 months left until PASO. Inflation still remains a major threat in the 1980s, keeping citizens vigilant. History does not repeat itself, but leaves lessons.

If it depended on the government, the release date of the next extension should be expected after treatment in the upper house. For the time being, in the Fernandes area, they promise to (as an expression of desire) redefine roles and possibly functions. The predecessors do not help to clear up doubts. Fernandez has too many times denied the promises and wishes of his employees.

Maximo Kirchner enters the scene on the night of the signing of an agreement with the International Monetary Fund.
Maximo Kirchner enters the scene on the night of the signing of an agreement with the International Monetary Fund.

After that nothing will stay the same. This time Christina and La Campora were not only interrogated or threatened with leaving. Now they have challenged the government, Until the last moment to fail to produce a decisive project for the president. Later, the document went directly to the opposition against the economic plan, which should start to be implemented. “The Senate is going to approve the agreement comfortably and then there will be significant changes,” said a senior official who has close ties to the president and has strong roots in Peronist leadership and territory. A man of faith.

To support their position, Albertists, who predict changes in officials and the president’s attitude, are calculating a retweet of an interview with Fernandes by a deputy. Leander Santoro In which he stated: “Every official has an obligation to be by the side of the President.” What if they do not stand? They have done this too many times, to no avail. If he is challenged again and nothing happens, it will be revealed that Fernandez lacks a fundamental attribute of power: the ability to force. Karapintades without punishment? Weakness and weakness.

The other is the perspective of the environment Serge Mass, One of the winners of Easter. For the Tigers, the chapter on clasps will come later, in three months, with the first review of compliance with the targets agreed by the IMF. Then neither one nor the other can hide their contradictions, nor can they avoid a clash.

Alberto Fernandez made the statements of Leandro Santoro
Alberto Fernandez made the statements of Leandro Santoro

If the economy grows, the temperament and adjustment of inflation may slow down, as he predicts in the case of the president, those who fought for an agreement with the IMF will win and the rest will “join”. If this does not happen, as Maximism predicts, no one wants to make predictions.

There is no Plan B. other than the mass to which the role of broker among the disputing agents has brought him enormous income these days. Another breach will once again narrow the path of the frontist media where it travels. His conversation with Maximus never stopped. Not even then Negative voice Friday. He spoke at the end of the session and contacted again over the weekend. While he says he does not agree with the successor, he gives him (for his own benefit) any reason when he insists that his position is not against the government but to deter voters who are on the left of the FDT. Who could have voted for Trotskyism. As a public works contractor, he is dedicated to demolishing bridges without actually repairing them. They want to start an audit from Albertimo. Distrust does not end. And he knows he can not fall in love with the maneuver. Always on the edge.

The great stranger, as usual, gives us a crisp-camphor, in a predictable background, but in mysterious times and forms. The Kirchner Karapintads were not retired, did not surrender, did not allow flags, did not leave positions, and did not leave boxes.

While in recent hours the rebels have sent emissaries with dramatized, justifying and even compiled messages, No one believes in sustainable peace. Video Christina KirchnerExtensive document Campora Against the agreement with the International Monetary Fund and the poisonous and poisoned tweet Andre’s “Spade” LaRoche They came only to ratify a breach that can no longer be relativized, though that does not happen simply because the tolerance margin of Fernandez’s punishment is almost inhumane.

The Kirchner Karapintads were not retired, did not surrender, did not drop flags, did not leave positions, and did not leave boxes.

Public controversy between Hannibal Fernandez And LaRoche continued the insidious video of Christina Kirchner over alleged government delays and solidarity with the vice president, in which she blames not even the attack on left-wing protesters, but the government for its agreement with the IMF. . As he put it, it was “too much” for the presidential environment.

To the Christian-induced insinuations and versions that Christianity is allowed, that the exact perpetrators of the attack were not political militants but unemployed workers (a euphemism for paragovernmental agents), Casa Rosada responds that they were too far away because the vice president himself and his The son is asked not to introduce it before Congress.

The Albertists add that the authors belong to Florenzo Varela’s left-wing group “which trains vandalism in marches and demonstrations”. Nothing comes close to the sides. Because, as one diligent observer noted on Friday morning, “Who threw the stones was Christina and she threw it inside”. So think Casa Rosada.

Christina Kirchner showed how her office was in the Senate after its demise and criticized the International Monetary Fund.

That’s how broken and difficult everything is. Peronist governors who are fighting more and more silently John Manzur, Moved to support the deal with the IMF and continues to rotate senators so they can vote this week. However, it seems that no one wants to sacrifice themselves for a government that has never offered them a certain future and that has repeatedly left them in the face of the weakness of critique.

Their solidarity ends with averting an economic catastrophe that will tear them apart. They do not take their eyes off the calendar in political-electoral issues. The development of elections is always a tool that gives them the power and independence that the economy does not give them.

It is more difficult for the supporters of the government to look at them, first of all Greater Buenos Aires. They are attached to a pressure cooker. They warn of growing social unrest. Inflation, which absorbs expectations, insecurities and disconnects between the actions of politicians and the problems of society, which all polls show more and more clearly. Dangerous condition of fatigue.

The problem for Buenos Aires community leaders is that they are barred from splitting elections. His fate is linked to the fate of the ruling party’s candidate for governor, and this, unlike other provinces, is linked to what is happening to the national government.

President of the Chamber of Deputies Sergio Massa
President of the Chamber of Deputies Sergio Massa

As a well-known Peronist scholar in the suburbs has pointed out, the last support of Fernandez’s loyal territorial base are the ministers who control the intentions: Gabriel Katopodis, John Zabaleta And Jorge Ferreira. Until they go to the territory safely, they hope for the future of the government. “Right now they are continuing, and their mayors are looking sophisticated,” said the expert. The municipal seismograph seems unmistakable. You should not miss it.

Albertista Holy Week is over. The Senate should only make the closure official. But all challenges are still open, just as all dangers are activated. The house is not in order.

Source: La Nacion