Evita Movement announces its own ministry

Evita Movement announces its own ministry

Evita Movement announces its own ministry

It intends to manage a portfolio that combines different areas related to informal work; Progress is already causing resistance from the social leaders of other organizations

Emilio Persico, Chief Reviewer of the Evita Movement and current Secretary of Social Economy

Debate around the agreement International Monetary Fund (IMF) They have further deepened the trenches that separate the various tribes all within the front. With the most closely related sectors in this context Alberto Fernandez Brave, he Avoid movement Took the old claim: the creation of the Ministry of Public Economy. In other words, a portfolio that unites all areas of the state related to the world of informal workers.

“This is a claim we have had on popular movements since 2015”Indicated ᲔᲠᲘ Leader Guild Onorato When asked. After the unsuccessful presidential campaign of Daniel Schiol, in the Evita Movement they are excited about the possibility of having this “institutional tool”. But the organization only managed to position its main reference in 2019, Emilius the PersianStrategic location: Secretariat of Social Economy. This is the area of ​​the Ministry of Social Development responsible for managing social assistance through the Empower Work program, which today reaches over one million beneficiaries who carry out cleaning, masonry and agricultural tasks along with other issues.

Onorato pointed out the need for this “Organizing and planning” The various bodies that the state has “scattered” in various ministries in order to make the popular economy “more qualified” in this way by guaranteeing more tools, commercial schemes and improved public procurement.

Emilio Persico with a military act at the Nueva Club in Chicago
Emilio Persico with a military act at the Nueva Club in Chicago

In this regard, beyond the Secretariat headed by Persico, they assured Evita that there are areas owned by other ministries that, in Onorato’s words, “need to be centralized”. Would be one of them National Institute of Associations and Social Economy (Inaes)Under the chairmanship of a sociologist since February 2021 Alexander Roig. Inaes is the executive body of the cooperative and reciprocal legal system, having institutional-corporate powers and attributes in its orbit, an important place in the organizational scheme of social policy.

Meanwhile, another area that could also become part of this virtual ministry of popular economy is Secretariat of HouseholdWhich is currently subordinated to and headed by the Ministry of Agriculture Miguel Angel GomezAn official close to Evita and close ties to peasant organizations.


The theme promises to raise the temperature. Without further ado, in February, versions of a possible cabinet reconfiguration reached the ears. Nouel LevagMeant Land Workers Union (UTT) And the acting director of the Central Market, who did not hide his discomfort in this regard. The social leader took to Twitter to sharply criticize the government, stressing that “state institutions should be based entirely on public policy” and “not necessary. A box aimed at friendly organizations“Let’s leave the rest of the sector aside.”

Clearly pointing to the role he believes the Secretariat of the Household should play, Levagi said: Armed are subject to urban and aid vision“.

Source: La Nacion