Strong reaction from Together for Change due to closure of soybean oil and flour exports

Strong reaction from Together for Change due to closure of soybean oil and flour exports

Strong reaction from Together for Change due to closure of soybean oil and flour exports

Opposition leaders agreed that Alberto Fernandez’s administration was doing nothing more than “putting obstacles in the way” of its internship to close its by-product export register.

Patricia Bulrich at the “Together for Change” meeting after the results of the 2021 elections (file)

In the wake of the closure of soybean oil and flour exports decided by the national government, Together for Change reviewers rejected a decision that could be a precondition for increased arrests. “Government hinders villages”Pro head Patricia Bulrich complained. He was joined by the main leaders of the opposition.

Through the social network Twitter, Bulrich said: “The executive is hindering the sector with new increases in arrests. It is now clear that credit authorization with the IMF does not lead to an increase in taxes as it does not yet exist! This boosts their #TheWorst GovernmentIn History. We will fight on all fronts! No taxes! ”

Along with Bulrich, the head of the government of Buenos Aires, Horatio Rodriguez Laretta, protested: “Neither taxes nor traps, keep your word.” In a brief post on social media, Rodriguez Laretta recalled that the ruling party had “promised not to do so” and that their recent actions had done nothing more than show once again that “their word has no value.” “

“We are in a very delicate economic context, in which we need investments, exports, work, and that those who bet on the country have the necessary predictability to develop their business. This size is exactly the opposite of each of them“, – he noted and finishedHe can not refuse those who spare no effort every time the government loses money due to bad decisions“.

Then came Jerry Eugenia Vidal, the current deputy governor and former governor of Buenos Aires, who summed up his discomfort with a short sentence: “Not with the field.” Similarly, he referred to his authorship tweet on March 7, in which he claimed that the field was “The engine of the Argentine economy”And describes it as “a competitive sector, our main exporter, employment generator and major contributor to the dollar.”

In the same line, also the legislator and former deputy head of government of Buenos Aires, Diego Santili shared a picture of a map in which Argentina is highlighted in red. Along with the illustration, he described in detail:In red are countries that depend on the field but kill those who work and run for taxes..

The discussion was later joined by Together MP and former Interior Minister Rogelio Frigerio. He condemned the Alberto Fernandez government for doing nothing more than “insisting on recipes that have already failed”. Repeat the same mistakes over and over again. “Instead of encouraging villages with productivity-enhancing measures, it is blocking their way,” he added. And he concluded: “Correction can not always apply to those who run and run the job.”

Ricardo Lopez Murphy also criticized the decision to close the export. National Legislator in a Strict Message He called the authorities “impudent” and “incompetent”. “What the hell are they? National government officials marched on the expo, repeating the lies, and now shut down exports of flour and soybean oil. They are against employment and production. They are attacking the villages, attacking the future of the country. “They are incompetent,” he said.

Finally, the head of the UCR bloc told Deputes that “closing exports in an effort to curb inflation will deepen the economic downturn and create more poverty.” In this sense, he believed that “The government’s plan is to continue looting the sector that brings the most resources to the country”. “To reduce unnecessary expenses, not to mention. “Crazy,” he closed.

Source: La Nacion