Fabiola Janez shared a message about her child on Instagram

Fabiola Janez shared a message about her child on Instagram

Fabiola Janez shared a message about her child on Instagram

The First Lady has uploaded a video in which you can see a swing that belongs to her first child with President Alberto Fernandez; “We are closer to the day we dream of,” he said

Alberto Fernandez and Fabiola Janes, in Chapadmalal

First Lady, Fabiola Janes, Shared a post on Instagram with a message about a child. Janes, who announced her pregnancy last year, was shown on social media arranging a swing for her first child, which she will have with President Alberto Fernandez. Next to him is Olivos’s favorite Dylan. “We are closer to the day we dream of,” Janes wrote this week. That is, as planned by the President, the birth of the baby is scheduled for the first week of April. To this he added: “We are close to the day we dream of. “Suddenly we realize that we will not be what we are today.”

“When I pick him up in the fall, I’ll be able to sing ‘I was not there for you.’ “Then the family will get bigger and a new creature in this humanity will take away our parent’s love,” Fabiola wrote on Instagram, quoting Jorge Drexler’s song, formerly called.

Fabiola Janez shared a video about her baby

The government officially announced Janes’s pregnancy on September 24, 2021. That day, as LA NACION reported, “his health is good and he is under strict medical control. From the President’s Medical Department, information about the evolution of pregnancy will be provided to the public. This is the first son of the President in the 200-year history of his rule.

Later, in February 2022, the head of state spoke about the possible date of birth of the child. “Everything indicates that he should be born in the second and third week of April. – noted Fernandez. At the time, the president even joked about the child’s sign during a radio interview: “Coming out of Aries is one of my achievements.”

It was only until October 18 last year The president also confirmed that they will have a child. “As you know, we will become parents with Fabiola. Today we know he will be a boy. This is a special day for me and my family. “We are very happy to tell you that we love each other, that we love our little child, that we love to start a family in our beloved Argentina,” reads the post on the social network.

No unborn baby will join Tani Fernandez Lucheti (27), better known by the pseudonym Dyhzy, son of Alberto Fernandez and Marcella Lucheti. The two divorced in 2003 when Tan was only 8 years old. Then, in 2013, Fernandez met Fabiola. Three years later, the current presidential couple was appointed.

Source: La Nacion