The crisis in Frente de Todos is getting worse and Kirchnerism is moving further away from the government

The crisis in Frente de Todos is getting worse and Kirchnerism is moving further away from the government

The attack on Christina’s office in Congress caused a new crossroads between the ruling party factions.

Following LaRoche's message, the President visited the new facilities of the Punta Indio Court for Detained Children.
Following LaRoche’s message, the President visited the new facilities of the Punta Indio Court for Detained Children.

Tensions in the ruling party have worsened since the Buenos Aires minister took to Twitter yesterday and referred to La Cámpora. Andre’s “Spade” LaRoche. Barely 99 characters were enough to shoot an official against the national executive and further upset the already deteriorating mood of the ruling alliance. “The silence and humility of the government in the face of the attack on the vice president’s office is staggering,” Larrock said, referring to what was discussed Thursday during a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) when protesters stoned Christina Kirchner’s office. On the pitch.

The stones shattered the windows when the former president was on the ground, including his son, Maximo. The surprise in the government after the tweet was published was complete, despite the fact that in recent days public criticism from a group led by Kirchner Jr. has accumulated almost as never before. The final blow appeared to be Friday morning, when the legislature and La Campora fully voted against an agreement with a multilateral credit organization. They later issued a statement on the subject and added a video of the vice-president himself of what happened in his office.

“They are constantly ruling the arch. “We do not know what else they want,” they explained yesterday afternoon in the vicinity of the president, and do not believe that the escalation will end here. “One can always expect more. This is a whole series, the end of which is impossible to know, “- said the chewing gum in detail.

Anger was not just a legacy of the Fernandez sector. Against the backdrop of a growing tense relationship, this was also felt in the hardest Kirchenerism, which was blamed for the lack of reaction. “La Campora is trying to steer the wheel,” they assured a nation close to the organization. “There is no sign that we are playing from outside. What exists is the decision to always speak in front of the public and forward. “When there is discomfort, it manifests itself in public,” he said. “I do not see any plans to dismantle it,” he said, adding that Larrock’s reaction was “correct.”

The other side did not think the same. Close to the president, they assured him that on Thursday “everything that should have been done was done.” They then clarified that as soon as the fact became known, the president contacted his deputy and his secretary, but none of them responded to the Telegram messages, which they tried to substantiate given that it might be within the “understandable” framework. A living moment.

They added that the head of the deputies, Sergio Massa, had personally come to the office, while Fernandez had contacted the head of security, Anibal Fernandez, to take personal responsibility for the matter. “Everything has been done and if we have not publicly denied it, it is because we were full and we are also the government, we are part of the people who are affected by what happened.” After which it was noted that by the decision of the former president himself there is no fencing and military detention on the ground. The response to LaRocque’s tweet was a tandem of Speaker Gabriela Seruti and Minister Fernandez. In Fernandez’s ranks they admitted “fatigue” over what had happened. “Do you remember what happened on Thursday today?” They were surprised.

“We know, not the obedient,” replied the Kirchnerist group. And they agreed that “there is no place for more euphemisms.” Near the terminal, they also claimed that “neither Christina nor Maximo had fulfilled the agreement”, despite the vote against La Campora. “No one played a default because they knew the opposition was forced to vote because they were in debt,” said a man familiar with the camp’s dynamics.

“Everything is tense and we have to see how it will continue, but everything is within the framework of the government alliance. “You have to support, no one is going to leave and lose everything,” he added. Within the government, they agree to acknowledge that the only chance of winning the election after 2023 is “within everyone’s front, so it is possible to differentiate them, but to some extent,” as described in detail. One of the consultations. “It is a very delicate moment, so Christina did not make a statement about the IMF. “There was responsibility, but there is a lot of disagreement,” the ruling party’s authorized voice concluded. There is a general feeling on the front that the agreement with the foundation was the “last straw” and that “the stones in Congress only aggravated the issues.” After which they claimed that “the actions of the government were strange and made things rarer.”

“I think they should sit down and discuss how the government works. “This scenario is becoming increasingly necessary,” said the official, who agreed to see “there is no emancipation” from La Campora amid tensions in the government, but they are increasingly seeking “another position or relationship in the alliance.” “Let’s do it, we want to decide.” From the grave Kirchenerism they add that there are “some sectors that intensify the struggle from day one and there are those that have more logic in the short run”. And they add that from “Albertismo” they are “permanent” on the management of marked boxes (such as Anses, PAMI, YPF, Aerolineas) that are in the hands of La Cámpora. “They are insistent and obsessed with managing the boxes, and if you had them they would already be in the hands of the IMF,” one consultant concluded.

Source: La Nacion