The most human side of the candidates: Fico, Fajardo, Petro and John Milton

The most human side of the candidates: Fico, Fajardo, Petro and John Milton

One of the happiest days in the life of Sergio Fajardoafter they see their children born, Mariana Yes Alexander, was where, as governor of Antioquia, he inaugurated one of the educational parks that made famous his “Medellín and Antioquia the most developed” plans. But this one had a special element: it was in Vigía del Fuerte, opposite the violent Bojayá, and it included a college of ancestral knowledge. There he realized, as his daughter Mariana told EL HERALDO, that public service was worth it.

“As a father, he has always been extremely affectionate, he does not try to indoctrinate us, but maximize our happiness,” says his daughter, a ballet dancer who always sees her father arriving at his presentations, despite his profession as mayor of Medellín , governor or presidential candidate

Fajardo Valderrama is 65 years old and was born on June 19 in Medellín. He married the mother of his children, María Clara Arboleda, then Ana Lucrecia Ramírez, both of whom he divorced and now his partner has been former Foreign Minister María Ángela Holguín for about three years.

It is mathematical from the Universidad de los Andes, was a professor at several universities in the country and the world, was deputy director of ‘El Colombiano’ and columnist for ‘El Espectador’.

“He is calm, rigorous, localized, has an impressive mind to understand problems and solve them quickly, but with some problems he becomes impatient, stubborn and it bothers him that things are not as he expects,” says Mariana.

He was elected mayor of Medellín in 2003, where he “led a major transformation of the city, work for which he received several national and international recognitions,” reads the biography on his website. He was supported by the Liberal Party and ended his reign with 80% popularity. His government program, ‘Medellín la más educada’, promoted the creation of library parks in urban neighborhoods.

In 2010, he was a vice presidential candidate in Antanas Mockus’ “Green Wave” and between 2012 and 2015, in partnership with the Liberal candidate for mayor of Medellin, Aníbal Gaviria, he served as governor of Antioquia, a department that had “the best performance of all departments of the country in Open Government, transparency and investment of royalties.” The development plan ‘Antioquia la más educada’ was awarded as the best in the country.

launched his presidential candidacy in 2018 with the Greens, Polo and Compromiso Ciudadano, in which it received more than 4.6 million votes in the first round.

One of his toughest controversies is that of the lawsuit that the Comptroller’s Office opened and closed for him between 2020 and 2022 for his alleged responsibility as governor in overseeing the errors and delays of hidroituango

Likewise, he was labeled “lukewarm” for not taking sides between Iván Duque’s right and Gustavo Petro’s left, when he was left out of the second round of the presidential election.

He moves smoothly from Soda Stereo and Mercedes Sosa to Vivaldi and Mozart, he likes sancocho and typical Colombian food, he reads several books at once: one on literature and the other on economics, for example, he admires cyclists, he rides a bicycle like one of them, and he is not only a fan of the DIM, but without lukewarmness or mediocrity, he instilled in his children, in games on television, an extreme love of red and blue.

Source: El Heraldo