Analysis | From Michigan, Trump’s purest distillate that rewards loyalty to his fraudulent falsehoods-

Analysis |  From Michigan, Trump’s purest distillate that rewards loyalty to his fraudulent falsehoods-

What did Deperno do to deserve such approval from the former president? easy. He spread ruthlessly false claims about the results of the 2020 state presidential election.

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I first heard about Deprno last spring when I noticed this tweet.

All the Michigan media lashed out for 48 hours with far-left progressives and government fascists to respond to our briefing. Today the media worship the masters of their power and everyone will broadcast a response briefing in the form of news. .Track the track.

– Matteo S.Deperno, Esc. (@mdeperno) April 11, 2021

These diagrams show the analysis of a boy named Douglas Frank, a former math teacher in the state of Michigan who believes he has found clear evidence of election fraud. And in Ohio, by the way, because the method he uses to create examples of this striking appearance is a measure of standard age-based voting patterns. His calculations make you wonder how close the models are, on average, to those models. It’s like you take the average of Michael Phelps’ four free styles and then tell the whole world that you know Phelps was cheating: after all, he’s always free. I suspect close unveil.

If you think this is fraudulent, I can assure you it is not. Indeed, this is exactly what Frank’s analysis does. If the “state fascists” fought for an answer, they wouldn’t have to fight for long.

Here I would like to address an observation that is becoming increasingly frustrating. It’s been nearly 500 days since the 2020 election, yet with each passing day the best of Trump and his allies are inventing new ways in which cheating may have taken place. never real evidence Speaking of fraud, fixed words like “Well, if you apply this formula to these numbers and look at subsection 9 of the local voting procedures, you will see that there are 290,000 questionable votes in Hamminger College.” A constant clamor “Look, we found something weird!” This always leads to “yes, you are completely wrong” rather than “seeing and seeing the crooks”. Over and over, endlessly. This is a snooze masterpiece, never miss the main event because you are too busy on the sidelines.

This is partly because Trump is more interested in the sense of fraud than any outright fraud. And it’s all natural! There will never be a proven scheme that uses thousands of illegal voters. They won’t expose a gigantic vote steal because there is no such thing. So the fuel they rely on is these constant tips. In addition to the real fake, it also boosts the engine, so they keep digging it into the fire with the shovels.

It brings us back to Deprno. In fact, I should have recognized his name as the man who perpetrated one of the least impressive fraud allegations in the 2020 cycle: the vote theft charge in County Antrim, Michigan.

I’ve written about it in detail before, but here’s a quick rundown to help. On election day, Antrim voters voted electronically. The money was collected and presented to the state. The next morning, the county electoral administrator was informed that the numbers were odd: Did Joe Biden reliably win the Antrim Republican constituency? The area was trying to solve the problem, realizing that they could not properly calibrate the counting apparatus. After a false start, they recalculated and got a correct number.

It all happened in a day or two. Antrim’s small number of votes was quickly resolved and obviously had no effect on the overall number of states that Biden conquered.

Trump and his allies were not happy. They saw early delay messages, which were much faster and more widespread than rapid delays, as something they could easily suspect from e-voting. They did the same. Trump’s attorney, Rudolf W. Julian, was directly involved in the Trump team’s attempt to hijack Antrim’s election machines. Instead, the cars were eventually investigated as part of a case whose main prosecutor was Deprno.

The study of machines has undoubtedly led us to a relationship full of inductions supporting all sorts of quirks and a higher Deperno profile. A subsequent study by Republican lawmakers shattered the report, stating that “the credible theories arising from the rumors circulating in County Antrim are so scarce that any further discussion is a waste of time.”

But Deprno went ahead and tweeted multiple times about alleged fraud in the small country won by Trump. (Did you like it? be curious These highly active groups have participated in many of the most active elections in US history. ask questions Widespread vote in Michigan. He then announced his candidacy for the post of Attorney General.

Deperno has already demonstrated exactly the trait Trump wanted to see as a law enforcement candidate in Michigan’s main swing state: absolute and unwavering loyalty to blatantly false claims about electoral security. In addition to praising Deperno on Tuesday night, Trump also insulted his potential rival, State Assembly President Tom Leonard (right), who jumped and lost in 2018.

Of Leonard, who probably won’t quote anything about “electoral integrity”, Trump said, “This was a man who did everything in his power to undermine the integrity of the election.” But that meant he wasn’t Trump’s son.

This meant that Deprno took the red carpet. He showed what was not the most important element in Trump’s eyes: he did his best to open the story in Trump’s name.

Source: Washington Post