“It’s not time to suffer, it’s time to make decisions”: Ingrid

The former presidential candidate for contest Oxygen Green Ingrid Betancourt Speaking to EL HERALDO, she gave details on why she joined Rodolfo Hernandez less than eight days before the first round in Colombia and sent a hard message to the abstentions.

Betancourt confessed that the decision was not an easy one for her and her community, as she has always tried to represent women in the current presidential race: “It is painful for me not to be able to represent women in the first round, but I think more we had to unite to end corruption.”

“To be honest, the reality of the polls showed that our candidacy could not go through to the second round† And we have always believed that we have to unite, we have to give the Colombians an option in the second round (…)”, emphasized Betancourt.

She also explained that the country is going through a “historic moment for her that calls for reflection on what is desired”.

“Today we have two clues that are phyco Yes Petroc and people are not happy about that. People don’t want to vote for one or the other. Rodolfo Hernández is the only candidate from the whole pack who can go to the second round and beat Petro and that seems to me to be one of the fundamental reasons why we should be there and not lose hope. It will be the Colombians who make the decision to change the future,” he said.

Source: El Heraldo