The next government’s challenges for the Caribbean

The next government’s challenges for the Caribbean

Education, public services, informal employment and malnutrition are some of the challenges of the The Caribbean that emphasize the centers of thought fun development (Barranquilla), Atarraya (Montería) and Cesare in (Valledupar) in the context of the presidential elections in Colombia.

This Tuesday, the three organizations presented a report to the six presidential candidates the most pressing socio-economic challenges facing this region of the country.

One of the main problems analyzed is the education, because “out of every 100 households in the Caribbean, 15 have at least one member who cannot read or write; six times the panorama that Bogotá experiences”.

“The results show that, on critical reading, the Caribbean, with the exception of Atlántico and San Andrés, has the lowest average scores† On the other hand, the region has fewer teachers with vocational or postgraduate training,” the Fundesarrollo report reads.

Source: El Heraldo