Prince Andrew’s multimillion-dollar Giuffre settlement. Where did he get the money? –

Prince Andrew’s multimillion-dollar Giuffre settlement.  Where did he get the money?  –

A civil court case in which Virginia Joffre claims she was sexually assaulted three times by Prince Andrews when she was 17 was dismissed after Andrews agreed to pay without trial. The “release agreement” went to court on Monday. But now the real question revolves around him, how did she manage to pay the bill?

We don’t know, but it is said to be in the millions of pounds and some sources suggest it will be worth more than მილი 10 million, others more than 12-12 million pounds after Jeffrey’s allegations about these attacks, which he says took place during Duke’s contraband. Dude, the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. In a letter written by Judge Luis A. Kaplan to Andrew and Joffrey’s attorneys last month, he said they had reached an “agreement in principle” and that Andrew would make a “significant donation” to Joffrey’s charity to support the rights of victims. .

The Duke also pledged to “express his regret for his relationship with Epstein” “by supporting the fight against the evil of sex trafficking and its victims”.

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So where does the money come from?

No, it looks like a taxpayer’s pocket. Asked whether the money had been used for the Duke’s legal fees or for out-of-court payments, the Treasury said, “No public money has been used to pay for the legal or liquidation fees you specify.” Prince Andrew Verbier is reportedly selling his ski jackets to pay taxes, but it may take him some time. According to a Times article, “Prince Andrew, 62, allegedly used money borrowed from family members to pay off defendant Jufre, 39.”

I understand. We still don’t know where the money came from?

That’s right, and there are calls from Prince Andrews to confirm how he funded the deal and whether it was the Queen or the Prince of Wales who contributed.

Does the compromise say Andrew is guilty?

Prince Andrew has pleaded not guilty and has repeatedly denied allegations that he was sexually assaulted three times. At one point in 2019, he refused to even meet her, even though the main photo he took with Jufre and Gislen Maxwell isn’t true.

A settlement without such a court means that it does not fully justify its name, but it does not admit its guilt either.

This also means that the civil lawsuit did not overshadow the Queen’s anniversary celebrations.

Source: Herald Scotland