The Law of the Mountains | The time has come…!

The Law of the Mountains |  The time has come…!

Colombia goes to the polls to choose a successor Ivan Duke at Narino’s house. Today the first presidential round takes place across the country, starring Gustave Petro, Federico ‘Fico’ GutierrezRodolfo Hernandez and Sergio Fajardo† If a second round is needed, it will take place on June 19. Enrique Gómez Martínez and John Milton Rodríguez are also aiming for the presidency, but with no real chance of victory. Today will be the country’s most transcendental elections of recent decades.

The electoral environment was not the best, not only because of political polarization, but also because of the excessive role of the social networkswho were responsible for the mass distribution of all kinds fake news and to stir up the spirits among the various competitors. On this occasion, the negative campaigns and the dirty war supplanted the proposals and programs of the candidates for the presidency.

In the end, voters were bombarded with two concepts that eventually prevailed: on the one hand, to instill fear in the face of an eventual arrival at the Palace of Narino of Gustavo Petro, and on the other the so-called continuity that would embody Federico ‘Fico’ Gutierrez. That confrontation ultimately affected candidate Fajardo, who was unable to overcome the ‘friendly fire’ among his coalition members, but also unable to consolidate his proposal to be the candidate for real change. In recent weeks, the former mayor of Bucaramanga, Rodolfo Hernández, has positioned himself very strongly, taking advantage of projecting himself as the “anti-petro” and “anti-fico”† His anti-corruption speech – basic and primary, with sentences like ending the “robadera” – made a deep impression on the voter.

Source: El Heraldo