Everything you need to know to vote this Sunday

Everything you need to know to vote this Sunday

This Sunday the Colombians can vote on seven options in the first round of the presidential elections: Federico Gutiérrez, Gustavo Petro, Rodolfo Hernández, Sergio Fajardo, John Milton Rodríguez, Enrique Gómez and the blank voice.

And although they will remain on the ballot, the former candidates Ingrid Betancourt and Luis Perez They gave up their ambition.

Fico Gutierrez

The former mayor of Medellin has indicated that it is his commitment to “lead” Colombia from the regions to build a country in order and with opportunity. Organize so that resources are not lost or stolen, to ensure that people feel safe and calm, and so that those who commit crimes pay for their crimes and do not go unpunished. Opportunities so that all people, regardless of their condition, can dream and have the means to fulfill their dreams. Opportunities for better education, better jobs and ultimately a better quality of life. Order and opportunity to reduce poverty and build a country from the regions with the people”.

He is a civil engineer from the University of Medellín, a specialist in senior management and political science from the Bolivarian Pontifical University. He was also a councilor in Medellín for eight years.

Gustavo Petroc

The former mayor of Bogotá has said that “it is time to change. Colombia becomes a world power of life through a historical pact who urgently establish a new social contract for good living and tasty living with all the diversities of the nation, to finally enter an era of peace whose face is a multicolored democracy, an expression of civic mandates, which makes reality equality, a productive economy that generates wealth based on work and the protection of the communal home”.

He is an economist from the Externado, a specialist in public administration from ESAP, a master in economics from Javeriana, a specialist in environment and population development from the University of Leuven (Belgium), and a doctor in business administration from the University of Salamanca (Spain).

Rodolfo Hernandez

The former mayor of Bucaramanga believes that in this Historic moment that Colombia is alive “what really matters, what is really needed are people who are willing to contribute with their commitment and their ideas, to turn a reality of dictatorial corruption into a reality of democratic ethics. The fight against corruption is difficult because it is so entrenched in our institutions that when one virus is wiped out, another is already invading in the most unexpected way. Because it is useless to theoretically defeat corruption if we do not direct all our efforts and political will to turn those resources into building a fairer and more just life for our communities.”

He studied primary school Superior Normal School for Men of Piedecuestathe baccalaureate from the Colegio de Santander, and civil engineering from the National University.

Source: El Heraldo