“Now it’s about building and seeing what we’re going to do”: Petro

“Today we won, today is a day of triumph,” he began by saying: Gustavo Petro, of the Historic Pact, which received just over 8.5 million votes.

“I have to thank all the people of Nariño and Caucano, because more than 70% of the voters there voted for us. And to my people from the Colombian Caribbean, who this time helped us firmly and with dignity, to the coastal citizens who voted for Petro, Colombia’s first progressive coastal president: it’s time for the coast to determine the change in Colombia. And Bogotá, not to mention the one I ruled, because they say I was a bad administrator, but if that were the case, I wouldn’t get 52% of the Bogota voters, that is, if it were up to Bogotá, we would be presidents,” he said.

He warned the results mean that uribism is “conquered, an era that ended badly in the middle of the fall is over.”

But, he noted, “there are changes that are not changes but suicides, from now on we determine what kind of change we want: I tell fearful business that what I propose is social justice and economic stability, a company like society impoverished”.

Source: El Heraldo