Cinema Tuschinski refused to show FVD documentary

Cinema Tuschinski refused to show FVD documentary

A documentary by Democracy Forum MP Gideon van Meijeren in and about the Tuschinski Theater Royal will not premiere on Monday, Pathé reports on Twitter. After all the comments from the party about the Holocaust, the cinema finds this inappropriate.

Visitors and employees commented on the film chain that “several statements have been made about the Holocaust that were experienced as very hurtful by the victims and relatives”. According to Pathé, this does not fit with the memory of founder Abraham Tuschinski, who was murdered during the Holocaust.

Cinema channel says documentary GIDEON I couldn’t see the room before renting it. In retrospect, Pathé says that he was “not sufficiently informed about the content of the documentary”. The company asked the event organizer to find another location.

Abraham Tuschinski was a Polish-Dutch entrepreneur who opened the beautiful building in 1921. Recently awarded the title “Royal”, the cinema is one of the oldest and most beautiful cinemas in the world.

Judge condemns Baudet for Holocaust expressions

Shortly after the occupation of the Netherlands in 1940, the Nazis took over the company from the Jewish entrepreneur and two of his colleagues. All three were arrested in 1942 and taken to concentration camps where they were murdered.

Forum for Democracy constantly compares corona measures with the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis during the Second World War. The judge also convicted the leader of Forum Baudet for this.

Source: NU