They open a preliminary investigation against Iván Duque .’s presidential campaign

Due to alleged irregularities in his campaign finance in 2018, the National Electoral Council (CNE) opened a preliminary investigation this Tuesday against Iván Duque and his campaign manager Luis Guillermo Echeverry.

EL HERALDO learned that the electoral court decided to make the decision after considering “an alleged breach of the election campaign financing regime on the occasion of the elections of the last contest”.

“The practice of the following tests is ordered: Free version of the citizen Iván Duque Márquez, so that he rejects the disputed facts and presents or requests the tests that he considers relevant. It will be summoned in due time by the Undersecretary of Undersecretary of this company.

This follows the version given by former Congressional fugitive Aida Merlano to the Supreme Court, where she linked current President Duque’s campaign for allegedly receiving $6,000 million from businessman Julio Gerlein.

Therefore, in its decision, the court stated that it will request the Special Chamber of First Instance of the Supreme Court “to transfer to the Honorable Magistrate Jorge Emilio the statement containing the statement made by Ms. Aida Merlano at the hearing on May 3, 2022. caldas”.

It is important to clarify that this investigation will seek to establish whether it is true that the campaign failed to report a portion of revenue that was believed to have violated legal maximum limits.

Source: El Heraldo