“We open power to black people”: Petro with Murillo .’s support

As for Rodolfo Hernández’s proposals, Murillo spoke of one in particular and indicated that the initiative to unite the Ministries of Environment and Culture seems “crazy” to him.

He also pointed out that he will focus on working for the regions, especially ‘the most forgotten’.

It is important to emphasize that this observance is taking place after the Centro Esperanza coalition referred to the results of this Sunday’s presidential election through a statement.

In the letter, signed by Sergio Fajardo and Murillo, the coalition assures that the recent elections have brought an end to an era of uribeism.

In addition, they ensured that the parties, sectors and political movements that formed the alliance remain completely free to decide which candidate they will support in the second round.

John Arley Murillo took part in the event, who said to the head of Colombia Renaciente: “Following the election results of last May 29 and conducting an internal poll of our militancy in all regions, the board of directors of Colombia Renaciente took the decision to join the presidential campaign of Gustavo Petro and his formula Vice Presidential Francia Marquez. We are sure of the historic moment the country is living through and therefore, true to our principle of inclusion and common good, we will invite all Colombians from today to vote for Gustavus Petro”

“In Colombia Renaciente, we were the first to bet on the representation of Afro-Colombians in power spaces and on the recognition of the differential ethnic approach as a guarantee of inclusion and participation. Likewise, we have championed policies that entail structural changes to combat problems such as racism and exclusion and that defend projects of social justice and equal opportunities,” he reiterated.

Source: El Heraldo