Volt has waived Gundogan’s transfer and resignation and wishes to speak…

Volt has waived Gundogan’s transfer and resignation and wishes to speak…

Volt leader Laurens Dassen reversed the removal and expulsion of Nilüfer Gündoğan from the group. The party hereby complies with the decision of the Amsterdam District Court. On Wednesday, it ruled that the suspension and dismissal of the Gundogan faction is illegal. Badgers and Gundogan start talking to each other “as soon as possible” under the guidance of a mediator about the difficult relationship.

According to the judge, Volt “went in the wrong direction very quickly in the whole case”. The judge ordered Volt to revoke the suspension and termination of his party membership. The party must also pay him 5,000 euros in damages.

Dassen admitted on Wednesday that the judge “has slapped his party on the fingers”. According to the judge, the politician should never have been suspended “without giving a proper explanation and making grievances known”. Badgers said he met Gundogan and apologized.

Gündoğan was expelled from the group on February 28 after reports of aggressive behavior. Volt wanted by means of summary proceedings, among other things, to withdraw his decision and enforce a correction. He had previously reported defamation and defamation.

Gundogan is ready to talk about return to the faction

At a press conference in Amsterdam, the politician said on Wednesday evening that he was prepared to speak to Volt under the guidance of a mediator. He said he was rather relieved.

It seems to imply a return to Volt. Gündoğan said: “I hope my party learns from this despite this mistake. I also learn from that.” tension† Hoping to get back to work as soon as possible.

According to Volt, there have been 13 reports of aggressive behavior from Gundogan. Three of them were related to the sexual advances allegedly made by the politician. Gundogan refused to cooperate with the assigned investigative agency’s investigation, because he did not trust the institution and for a long time did not know exactly what he was accused of.

Source: NU