Judge says Gundogan was unfairly expelled from Volt: Politician can return to faction –

Judge says Gundogan was unfairly expelled from Volt: Politician can return to faction –

Volt must allow MP Nilüfer Gündoğan to reclaim part of the House of Representatives, a court decision in Amsterdam said on Wednesday. According to the court, Volt acted unlawfully by expelling the deputy from the group.

The judge ruled that Volt “went in the wrong direction very quickly in the whole matter”. The suspension and subsequent termination of his party membership was, in the opinion of the judge, unfair and the party should therefore immediately reverse all measures taken against him. Gündoğan is also entitled to a compensation of 5,000 euros.

“There was no legal or substantial justification for the suspension. (…) It is true that Volt was authorized to take action after the first declaration, but without proper explanation why the suspension is inadmissible without explanation of the complaints, according to the judge, nor the decision to dismiss him from the class .

The politician was expelled from the group after reports of extreme behavior were received on February 28. Gundogan demanded injunctive relief to reverse Volt’s decision and demand correction from Volt, and an advance payment for damage to his reputation. He had previously filed a libel and defamation complaint against the party.

According to the judge, the “young and relatively inexperienced leadership of the party” was driven too much by the public reaction that followed the show’s episode. BORED about extreme behavior the voice of the Netherlands† “Volt probably believed in all his sincerity to do the right thing, but he acted too quickly,” the investigating judge said.

Gundogan wants to meet Volt, doesn’t rule out return to group

Gundogan said at a press conference in Amsterdam on Wednesday evening that he was willing to speak with Volt under the guidance of a mediator. It doesn’t rule out a return to the Volt group. “My hand is still outstretched. But it takes two people for the tangoGündoğan says he was relieved before and hopes to get back to work as soon as possible.

According to Volt, there have been 13 reports of aggressive behavior from Gundogan. Three of them were related to the sexual advances allegedly made by the politician. Gundogan refused to cooperate with the assigned investigative agency’s investigation, because he did not trust the institution and for a long time did not know exactly what he was accused of.

Gündoğan was very emotional during the hearing and spoke of “psychological violence” from the party. He announced that he would keep his parliamentary seat after being expelled from the party. If he finally decides not to return to Volt, the total number of factions in the House of Representatives will come to twenty.

Source: NU