The House of Representatives advised to reprimand Baudet for not relinquishing his auxiliary duties –

The Dutch Safety Board recommends that the House of Representatives condemn Thierry Baudet for failing to register his duties as board member of Forum voor Democratie BV and director of THPB Media BV as additional positions. This is contrary to the code of conduct of the legislator.

The Committee also recommends that the House of Representatives register two subordinate positions in the Register of Ancillary Activities of the House of Representatives.

In order to prevent conflicts of interest and to guarantee transparency, deputies are obliged to report their ancillary activities and the income they derive from it to the public register.

In November last year, two citizens filed a complaint with the Dutch Safety Board, which monitors compliance with the code of conduct.

“The party is a revenue model for Baudet,” he previously told “She accuses others of not being transparent, she herself ignores all the rules. Isn’t it strange? This is not the Democracy Forum, and if such weird things happen to other parties, I will take action too.”

Baudet transferred to 85 thousand euros

Research by showed that last year Baudet transferred at least 85,000 euros throughout 2020 to the BV account, of which it is the sole shareholder. He mainly earned this money by selling his books.

Baudet refused to cooperate with the investigation.

Source: NU