Sources close to Christian Daes deny funding for Petro’s campaign

The alleged plan of attack on the center-left, the visits to the rendition pavilion in La Picota and the financing of his political campaign were the main themes of the leaked recordings of meetings between Gustavo Petro and his campaign team in the last hours.

Several clips have been released on this last topic where you can see Gustavo Petrocto your wife Veronica Alcocera Armando Benedetti, Xavier Vendrell, Eduardo Ávila (Campaign Director) and Eduardo Noriega, discuss the work of Maria Antonia Brown as head of communications for Gustavo Petro’s presidential campaign until October last year, the date the meeting took place, according to “Semana” magazine.

“María Antonia does not have a trained team to meet all the communication requirements… and moreover, María Antonia does not agree with the communication line. We need someone who will accept that line. Otherwise, she takes the liberty of doing what she wants and stops doing others. In conversation with Vinicio, it is an urgent decision that must be made,” says Noriega, one of the advisors.

Source: El Heraldo