The 7 days that could determine the elections

Jorge Bolivar Berdugosociologist and researcher at Simón Bolívar University, points out that both candidates will “continue to use the frustration and non-conformity of the population as a determinant of the transformation of their emotions and passions.”

He adds in that sense that right now “advisors, experts in psychology and communication are working in cliques to activate the first two brain layers in voters. The first, called the primitive brain of man, or reptilian brain, the one who evokes fear, alertness and fear. When we get angry and hit the table and yell, our limbic system reacts, this is the second layer. It is that of the emotions, a system based on avoiding unpleasant sensations such as pain, and attracting pleasant sensations such as pleasure. The activation of these first two does not allow the third layer to act, namely that of the rational brain, that of thought. It is responsible for advanced thinking, reason, speech, planning, abstraction, perception and what we generally call higher functions.

For that reason, he considers it plausible that more investigations are now coming out about the past of the candidates, their families, the ‘dark’ part of the opponent, in order to provoke negative reactions against the candidate: “truths emerge, half “truths and falsehoods regardless of slander, insult, the desire for power unleashes the art of political warfare. Ultimately, the social sanction is sought, the moral sanction, which is the removal of votes, regardless of whether the main character comes, the function is the subtraction.”

The Colombian Destination for the next four years, emphasizes Professor Bolívar Berdugo, “will be more determined by the” emotionspassions and feelings, as important links to get votes, more than reason and understanding”.

Source: El Heraldo