The government asks the Vatican to provide the bishop with baptismal lists to investigate cases of child misappropriation during a military dictatorship.

The government asks the Vatican to provide the bishop with baptismal lists to investigate cases of child misappropriation during a military dictatorship.

The government asks the Vatican to provide the bishop with baptismal lists to investigate cases of child misappropriation during a military dictatorship.

The Secretary of Human Rights, Horatio Pietragala Corti, complained about the meetings in Rome, where he was received by Francisco; The Argentine bishops confirm that these data have long been submitted to the court

Pope Francis at the Vatican
Pope Francis at the Vatican

During his last visit to the Vatican, where he received Pope Francis In a private audience, the Secretary of Human Rights of the Nation, Horatio Pietragala Court Asked the church to facilitate access Baptism lists It was carried out to “help” during the military dictatorship in Argentina To clarify cases of child misappropriation.

The Kirchner official also handed over to the Secretary of State, the Cardinal Pietro Parolini, The interest of the Argentine government to have access Files about military dictatorship That was kept in the Holy See.

“We are going to be given the Holy See Priority course, For example, for some Strategic Commands, Such as baptismal lists, which are very important in identifying cases of child misappropriation, ”the Human Rights Secretariat revealed in consultation. ᲔᲠᲘ. Pietragala Corti attended the interview with Parolin accompanied by the Ambassador of Argentina to the Vatican. Maria Fernanda Silva.

Episcopal spokesmen even warned that “The Church in Argentina provides all the information and documentation requested by the Justice” In human rights cases. “Even baptism records through various dioceses. These records are not in the Vatican. It seems that this topic is being ignored, ”said the church source, who considered it unnecessary to apply to the Holy See for the information that the church is already providing to the judges.

It is even on the website of the Episcopal Conference Query Access Protocol On archival materials related to the events of 1976-1983 in Argentina.

Meanwhile, sources from the Human Rights Secretariat explained ᲔᲠᲘ That the meeting with Cardinal Parolin mentioned “the need for a bishop of Argentina Strengthen Work With Baptism Books ” Of those years. We do not ask for Vatican archives because “We know they are not there.” Noted by speakers close to Pietragala Corti. And they emphasized the “good inclination” they found in the Holy See.

Official expectations

Despite these brief involvement, the organization is headed by a Pietragala Corti official Agreed with Christina Kirchner They said that “the meeting in the Holy See was positive” and assured that they had found “a good inclination”.

“Expectations about the material they can have in the Vatican are very high. “But it is necessary to understand that the information they can provide is still unknown,” they told Pietragala.

In addressing some of the obstacles that may arise, the Human Rights Secretariat clarified: “This Did not know the archival methodology Materials used, selection criteria and documented collections examined. For this reason, it is difficult to know what can be found today. “

The government was skeptical about the materials available in Argentina. “Mechanism of consultation with archives Argentine Episcopal Conference, of Georgia Apostolic Nunciature And those Vatican State Secretariat “At the request of human rights organizations a few years ago, it was also not confirmed that he had made a significant contribution to the ongoing investigations,” the officials explained. ᲔᲠᲘ.

“The goal is to achieve an accessible mechanism that will help to clear up the crimes against humanity committed within the framework of our country’s policy of memory, truth, justice and reparation,” they summed up.

They also considered that “it would be very positive to publish Catalog of released documents And the delivery of files, as well as the United States in the process of declassifying documentation related to the Condor plan. “These documents have made it possible to identify victims from secret detention centers to repressors.”

Pietragala recalled on Twitter that Francis ordered it in 2016 Secrecy of the Holy See Archive For the years 1976-1983, it consisted mainly of “letters from relatives asking for help in the church, as well as responses and steps taken by the institution.” He noted that access to these documents was “a historic claim by Argentine human rights organizations”.

A granddaughter who has recovered from Plaza de Mayo’s grandmothers and a former national MP, Pietragala Cort, has been promoting controversial initiatives in recent years, such as resources submitted by the Human Rights Secretariat due to the pandemic. Demand the release of former Kirchner officials arrested for corruption Such as Amado Boudou and Ricardo Jaime, among others.

Source: La Nacion