Álex Char confirms that he will vote for Rodolfo Hernández in the second round

The former presidential candidate of the Team for Colombia Coalition Alexander Charlie repeated this Saturday, on the eve of the elections from Second roundto be support for to the candidacy of Rodolfo Hernandez

Through his Twitter account, the former mayor of Barranquilla confirmed that these Sunday, June 19th are to vote it goes to the candidate for the League of Anti-Corruption Governors.

“Tomorrow I will vote for Rodolfo Hernández in the second round,” wrote Char.

He also praised the engineer’s business and political career.

“It has been an example of public and private success and represents the guarantee that Colombia will continue on the path of development, freedom and democracy,” he added.

Finally, he highlighted Hernández’s proposals for the Caribbean coast.

“Rodolfo Hernández’s government program clearly responds to the most sincere needs of our people in the Caribbean: human development, infrastructure, promotion of agricultural and industrial sectors, and use of regional potential. Better living is possible!”, ‘trilled’.

Source: El Heraldo