Governance in danger?

One of the silent challenges of the next president of the republic, according to several experts, will be to achieve “governance and consensus”.

Despite the fact that the majority of primaries of political parties such as: Conservative, Liberal, the U and Cambio Radical support Hernández’s candidacy, who has so far not provided guidance as government benches.

Gustavo Petroc Nor does it have a parliamentary majority that has so far allowed it to guarantee that its legislative agenda will not face any inconveniences in getting passed.

According to experts, both candidates are therefore doomed to make agreements.

The postdoctoral director of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Patricia Muñoz explained in a conversation with EL HERALDO that the “attitude with which the new president must assume his command is to reach consensus through dialogue .”

“The governability of the next president will depend on the ability to convene the various political, social and economic actors participating in the political processes,” assured Muñoz.

Source: El Heraldo