Political houses, between accessions and uncertainty for regional elections

The second presidential round is crucial for barranquilla and the municipalities of the Atlantic Ocean† This Sunday’s election results will – without a doubt – set the course for next year’s regional elections.

Although Gustavo Petro took a first-round win in the division, the trend is not clear for the final vote. Accessions and “silent alliances” could tip the balance for candidate Rodolfo Hernández, who took the third-highest vote in the department in the latest round.

EL HERALDO consulted a group of political experts to analyze the panorama in the Atlantic Ocean faced one of the hottest and most polarized election days in recent times.

For analyst Luis Trejos, electoral participation in the division will increase in the second round.

According to him, there are several reasons that will lead to more votes, such as ‘activating the machinery’.

“Several local political actors, who did not activate their machinery in the first round, will now do so because either they have already reached some sort of agreement or negotiation with one of the campaigns, or because of the real threat it poses to their interests. † Gustavo Petroc”, explained the professor of the Universidad del Norte.

Source: El Heraldo