Historic!: The Left Takes the Presidency in Colombia

After decades of right-wing governments, Casa de Nariño will be hosted by a left-wing president from August 7. This Sunday, Gustavo Petro became Colombia’s new president after beating engineer Rodolfo Hernández in the second round.

The leader of the Colombia Humana movement achieved this “historic” victory by getting 11,281,002 votes in the final vote, representing 50.44% of the participation on a day marked by high citizen participation.

The one born in Ciénaga de Oro (Córdoba) beat Rodolfo Hernández, of the League of Anticorruption Leaders, who obtained 10,580 399 votes (47.31%) while the progress of the informed tables was 99.99%.

Petro also becomes the president with the highest historic vote. This surpasses the 10,398,689 votes that Iván Duque obtained four years ago.

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Despite heavy rainfall throughout the national territory, the abstention rate was 41.91%, taking into account that 22,658,670 people went to the polls to exercise their right to vote. The Colombian election count consists of 39,002,239 citizens.

In the last presidential round, the participation of 21,418,631 citizens in the country was registered, so the abstention was 45.09%.

This figure even surpassed the participation that there was four years ago in the final vote, with which Iván Duque took the seat of Bolívar. On that occasion, the abstention rate, according to the historical records of the Registratiekamer, was 47%.

Source: El Heraldo