Why was the candidate Rodolfo Hernández not enough?

The engineer Rodolfo Hernández stayed at home most of the time after the first round of the presidential elections, campaigned little across the country and preferred to go to the United States to debate with Gustavo Petro.

The candidate opposed the order of the Supreme Court of Bogotá, which caused past episodes recorded on the networks to weigh more heavily against him: his insults to the Virgin, his sexist and lazy comments, his gaffes, his endings from boxes and even violence and finally the video of a yacht in Miami with young people in a risky situation and apparently with Pfizer ‘lobbyists’ – who denied it.

This cost the throne of Bolívar the ticket in the second round, according to experts consulted by EL HERALDO.

Political analyst Carlos Arias believes that Rodolfo loses because he does not have a political structure to support a presidential campaign at the national level, in both the first and second rounds he worked with structures borrowed from the right and partly an opinion vote driven by political ignorance .

Source: El Heraldo