We will hold permanent opposition to Gustavo Petro: Cabal

the senator Maria Fernanda Cabal, of the Democratic Center, told EL HERALDO that the meeting between former president Álvaro Uribe and the president-elect Gustavo Petroc “It was a gesture in democracy” by the leader of Uribismo, but he warned that the community, or at least, will make “permanent opposition” to the incoming government.

“President Uribe made a gesture in democracy because he is a political veteran and he felt it was time to build bridges. I read it to defuse an extremely polarized environment and that I don’t hate polarization because if there’s no controversy, there’s no democracy, he said of the historic meeting between the two political leaders.

However, he warned: “We trust that Uribe it will not deviate from what are fundamental pillars of guarantees of liberty: the protection of private property, the avoidance of confiscation taxes, which we all know are the parameters on which civilized society is built, not on the unfettered socialism that it does is to destroy countries.”

Source: El Heraldo