“(Petro) told me: forgive me for everything I hurt you”: Rodolfo Hernández

“He president-elect Gustavo Petroc He called us last Tuesday at 2pm and made an appointment with us at an aparthotel. We arrived first and sat down to wait and Petro came second and as soon as he saw me he asked me to get up because he wanted to give me a hug, to say to me forgive me for everything what I hurt you, he told me that and I was surprised, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that,” Hernandez explained.

Likewise, he responded to those who criticized him for disregarding the results of the presidential elections: “I tell you with all due respect, everyone told me to denounce and contest the election, but no one brought any evidence.”

He also noted that they discussed how to curb corruption in the Petro government. “His commitment is to tackle corruption thoroughly. I want us to appeal to the memory, remember that the communications team said I removed the anti-corruption flag. We are not taking anything from him,” he added.

Source: El Heraldo