Enrico Letta does not back down in the ius scholae and wants to trigger the government crisis

Enrico Letta goes to clash with Matteo Salvini. And Mario Draghi continues to watch the government’s future closely. “The turnaround attitude that has taken place in Parliament on the part of the various center-right parliamentarians on the issue of ius scholae is a great surprise to me,” the words of the Democratic Party Secretary in the report to the National Party leadership. “It is a big surprise – continued Letta – to link the discussion in the Chamber to the ius scholae to the survival of the government. A government is overthrown by dramatic events, not because an Italian boy in all respects, after years of schooling in Italy, who speaks the dialect as best I can, may finally have the possibility to obtain citizenship and even decide to make the government fall. to prevent that girl and boy from having Italian citizenship. I am speechless, by the method chosen by the Lega and by Salvini, in the face of such a choice. We are not going to back off one centimeter on this issue”, underlined Letta.

«Patriots are not Giorgia Meloni and Salvini who do not want the ius scholae. We are the patriots who want the ius scholae and if they don’t realize that they have no idea what the Italy of the future is and the Italy of the future is not an Italy in which to defend and keep everything that has been done now, which is shrinking. demographically without looking to the future. The future is managed by trying to build it together,” the former prime minister said again.

“The barricades that they made in the isu soli – continued the Dem leader – if they are also made in the ius scholae means only one thing: they don’t want anyone else who cannot be counted as an expression of continuity with the Italian race, which is a reasoning that I consider I would add that the ius scholae can be done by taking all the other measures together on electricity bills, on work, on precariousness, on how to help farmers, on drought, Parliament does not have a single intervention to do during the year . , Parliament can do many things during the year and many laws in the same day.” «The idea of ​​making a story about the fact that not that, but something else needs to be done – concluded Letta – is simply because they don’t have the courage to say they don’t want them. The truth is that they get in the way of a disposition built in this way, it’s simply because they don’t want them and want to re-build their propaganda exclusively in an attempt to expel the diversity of our country”. Salvini will not accept these words in the ius scholae well after the threats left in the last few hours.

Source: Iltempo