Families, Gigi De Palo’s alarm: “Politics thinks about votes, but then we hit”

“We’re heading straight for a wall at 100 an hour, no airbags and no brakes, and that means the whole policy hasn’t understood that the birth rate is our country’s top priority. We are playing games of nonsense, and all we do is think about the next elections and not about future generations, as Aldo Moro said “: this is what Gigi De Palo, president of the Family Forum, former technical councilor, tells Il Tempo in unequivocal terms to the School, Family and Youth of the Municipality of Rome and last but not least to the father of 5 children, commenting on the Istat data on the birth rate released yesterday.

President De Palo, the number of children born to non-marital unions has increased, and when there are marriages in Italy, they take place in old age. Why?

“Because the conditions are not created for young people to fulfill their professional and family dreams. Young people between 18 and 26 years older than a study said they want a job, a family and children of life. I don’t think they’re asking for much, but in Italy we can’t give them that bare minimum. Families are increasingly formed in adulthood, they no longer have children and if they do, they are only children. Anyway, new parents think twice before releasing their children into the world, as this has become the second cause of poverty in our country. We are not creating the conditions for families to be born, because there is a desire for a family. It is clear that if we discouraged him by the lack of work and the impossibility of buying a house, we have no future».

Looking at other countries, how long do we have to wait for there to be adequate incentives in Italy as well?

“We used to say ‘let’s copy France’, but now we’re not going to be able to get it back. The theme now, in my opinion, has become “let’s copy Germany”. Germany taught us that if you make a serious investment to reverse the trend, you can do it in a few years, because there is political will. If we applied German or French policies, we would have an even greater response, and I say this in light of the deep desire for family that Italians have. The fact that we do not do this is blasphemy. We are acting as liquidators of Italy’s bankruptcy, waiting for it to default. Without the birth of new children, everything will collapse, starting with the pension system and the health system”.

Did the recognition of civil unions in 2016 take away the right of traditional families to receive incentives?

“This is a sterile debate that wastes our time, a distraction that gets us nowhere. I don’t get into ideological merit, I honestly don’t care. The real priority that unites the entire country is the birth rate. It is the new social issue and that is a fact. Here everything is falling apart, we must implement urgent family policies as soon as possible ».

How will the Forum of Families take the field to protect the birth rate in the future?

«We created the “Fundação para natalidade”, and every month of May we promote the “Estados Geral da natalidade”, which aim to keep the debate higher and higher. We are seeing that the birth issue is becoming a cultural issue. That’s welcome, but if there’s no political synthesis, we’re not going anywhere. It is necessary that we look at each other and say that the time has come to do something and stop commenting only on the Istat data, otherwise I repeat: everything comes crashing down here”.

Are you confident in the arrival of European funds from the NRP?

“The PNRR only briefly mentions the birth rate, and that is dramatic. What’s the point of making new digital investments if there are no digital natives? What is the use of investing in health if it will soon become a paid system, since it will no longer be economically viable? Why talk about day care centers if they should be used as hospices, since there are not enough children? There is a plan to be made that is largely based on reality. We must set a goal of having at least 500,000 new births in 10 years. So we created the conditions for the new generations not to fulfill their family dreams abroad».

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