Giorgia Meloni calls for early elections: “No more Palace games, the government is immobile”

“Elections immediately”. The hashtag is launched by Giorgia Meloni on her Twitter profile in a message in which she lists the series of problems that are tightening control of Italy. All this despite the presence of the government led by Mario Draghi, which was supposed to resolve most of these issues related to the country’s economic situation. “War, pandemic, inflation, growing poverty, high bills, rising cost of raw materials, risks in energy supply, food crisis. And the government “of the best” is motionless, playing games with this or that party. Enough, sorry” tweeting on the well-known social network of the leader of the Brothers of Italy, who is fed up with how Draghi is managing the executive and asks for a change of direction. Firstly, give the floor to the Italians, who would be called upon to express their preference at the polls in the coming months and not at the natural end of the legislature, a deadline set in the spring of 2023.

Source: Iltempo