Government crisis, Giorgia Meloni warns: no kidding, the legislature is over

Giorgia Meloni sent the warning to the sailors, or rather to the allies, from Palombara Sabina, near Rome, where the traditional Festa dei Patrioti de Fratelli d’Italia takes place, an event of which the leader of the Chamber’s group Francesco Lollobrigida is A driving force. In fact, he even announces Mario Draghi’s resignation to the public, triggering the public’s call for elections. After all, that’s the line. Also confirmed by Palazzo Madama’s counterpart Luca Ciriani.

Allies, therefore. Meloni is peremptory. “A few words for the wise. We want to fight against the Democratic Party and we hope that this will also be the priority of the other center-right parties”. , after the President of the Republic Mattarella rejected the resignation of Prime Minister Draghi. On the other hand, the leader of the Brothers of Italy has always been against the birth of this government, like the previous ones. He defines the succession of executives that took place in this legislature as ” surreal”, led by “Council presidents without any popular legitimacy”, so he jokes.

“A little while ago, as I was leaving Montecitorio, news circulated of Draghi’s imminent resignation. The question was “who allies with whom.” They will try another alchemy, but for sure there will be no Brothers from Italy ». Furthermore, regarding the value of “responsibility”, which has prevailed in this legislature in support of the government of national unity, he reasons: “We, the Brothers of Italy, are solely responsible”. Therefore, without detours: «It is time to give freedom and vote to citizens. We must ask the Head of State that this Parliament be dissolved”. And he notes, “The Constitution says the President can dissolve the Houses when he sees too much distance between the Palace and what the citizens want.” At this moment, Meloni points out, “the distance is sidereal”.

He then argues: “It is when there is a storm that you need to ask the citizens who should be the captain of the ship, who should be recognized by the crew and know which course should be”. Furthermore, he uses a metaphor to underline the moment: “I disagree with Italy that democracy is good for sunny days, that you can only vote when things are going well, especially if they are good for the Democratic Party.” He then alludes to the previous occasions when he was not allowed to vote: “We have to wait because there is a pandemic, the war, the spread goes up… stay in the saddle even if the Italians don’t want to vote for him”. : “We are a parliamentary republic, you can change the government, but it is the Parliament that must be elected again, by a cohesive majority to do the things that are necessary, to do courageous things”. trend that, presumably, the election campaign will take on if it starts: “It will not be easy at all. Expect everything, even unimaginable things”.

Source: Iltempo