“Majorities of the Oxygen Green want opposition to Petro”: Íngrid Betancourt

The leader of the Green Oxygen Party, Íngrid Betancourt, stated that Humberto de la Calle and Daniel Carvalho would try to stage a “vigorous coup to take over the community without consultation or procedure”.

This statement by the former presidential candidate came after her party’s congressmen decided to declare Petro’s independence.

“They know that the majorities of the PVO want to declare themselves in the opposition. The PVO is not just them, we are more. Settlement of disputes is the statute and not the actual ways,” Betancourt said in response to a tutela action filed by congressmen, in which he assured that said party’s guidelines would “take over” the bank’s position to defend its position against the law. government to determine. elected to the Congress of the Republic.

“The statutes to date say that it is the power of the Congressional Committee to determine the political position of the party chairman in Congress through voting.” That vote was conducted yesterday by Daniel and I, elected congressmen,” explained De la Calle, assuring Íngrid Betancourt would look forward to the statute reform.

He added: “They chose us because we represent a centrist political position that is more relevant today than ever. Since our independence, we will support the legislative agenda in accordance with the 1991 Constitution in a critical, focused and responsible manner.”

On the other hand, the Oxygen Green Guidelines pointed out in a community statement that while it is true that the Congressional Committee determines the political position of the party chairman in Congress, the political position of the party chairman in Congress must be “in accordance with the Action Plan.” “.

“The two elected officials are being summoned to an extraordinary party meeting extended at the request of Humberto de la Calle and scheduled for next Saturday, July 16 at 11 a.m., with the aim of asking by both elected officials to review the position of this organization against the new government and constitutional reform,” the statement read.

Reform of the statutes. Senator-elect Humberto de la Calle explained that he has “fundamental” disagreements regarding the reform they plan to make to the statutes. “They accelerated us with a draft statute that starts with the creation of the ‘founder’ figure, who has a name and surname and is also for life. And this stems from the one-sided and unwelcome announcement to join the opposition,” explains de la Calle.

Source: El Heraldo