Who will be the next prime minister: the Italians have already decided. The political thermometer poll

Who will be the next prime minister? Italians have already chosen according to the Political Thermometer survey. With the crisis of government open, the fibrillating majority is already sprouting the post-Draghi name. Why, among the early elections, the SuperMario encore, citizens prefer to go to vote and the question “Who would you like as prime minister in 2023 after the next elections?” the top name is that of the leader of the Brothers of Italy, at the top of the rankings with 24.1 percent of the vote.

According to the reference website for political and electoral analysis and opinion polls in Italy, Mario Draghi, Giuseppe Conte (with 14.7%), Matteo Salvini (9.3) and Enrico Letta with 8%. The remaining 17.8 percent confirm that the prime minister they want is none of these, while 3.6 percent say they don’t know or prefer not to respond.

Source: Iltempo