Government, Giorgia Meloni unmasks the game of the Democratic Party: pleas and twists not to vote

The left is ready to do anything not to give the Italians the floor. Giorgia Meloni hits the key for early elections again two days after Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s communications to Parliament. “Appeals, ulterior motives, entreaties and reversals: for fear of being defeated, the left is willing to do anything to avoid returning to the vote. , writes the leader of the Brothers of Italy on Facebook, posting a photo of the secretary dem Enrico Letta and the phrase “everyone is trying to avoid returning to the vote for fear of a resounding defeat” .

The entire center-right is in turmoil. Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini reiterated yesterday in a joint note the line already expressed several times these days: the 5Stelle is now unreliable. “The new statements by Giuseppe Conte – marked by ultimatums and threats – confirm the breach of that ‘pact of trust recalled Thursday by President Mario Draghi and on the basis of his resignation”, put Salvini and Berlusconi on paper in a joint note. And then “they confirm that the possibility of ruling more with 5 stars should be ruled out due to their incompetence and unreliability”. The Cavaleiro and the secretary of the Northern League “agreed to wait for the evolution of the political situation, ready in any case to submit to the judgment of the citizens, even in the very short term”.

Source: Iltempo