Parliament approves new legal regime for foreigners in Portugal

Parliament approves new legal regime for foreigners in Portugal

The Assembly of the Republic approved this Thursday, in a final global vote, the new legal regime for foreigners in Portugal, with votes for PS, PCP, BE and Livre, abstentions from PSD, IL and PAN, and the absence of Chega.

The deputies of the party led by André Ventura left the meeting room shortly after the start of the debate, after a tense altercation with the Speaker of the Parliament, Augusto Santos Silva.

In the government’s proposal to amend the legislation governing, inter alia, the entry, residence, departure and removal of aliens from the national territory, provides that the granting of residence and temporary stay visas to nationals of a State where the Agreement of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) is in force is not subject to a prior opinion from the SEF, “without prejudice to the granting of of visas are communicated to the SEF for the purpose of exercising its powers in the field of internal security”.

This proposal was discussed and voted on in general, specialism and general final vote, despite some criticism from opposition parties.

A change that the executive says is the result of the mobility agreement signed by all CPLP member states at the last summit of the organization’s heads of state in July last year, in Luanda.

With this diploma The government also plans to “establish procedures that will allow to attract regulated and integrated immigration to the country’s development, change the way public administration relates to immigrants, and create conditions for the integration of guarantee immigrants.

With that goal, the government intends to proceed with the creation of a limited-term title that will allow the legal entry of immigrants into Portugal for the purpose of seeking employment, simplifying procedures and opening the possibility of temporary residence or residence visas “in order to have the purpose of providing remote work as well as supervising family members qualified with the respective titles”.

“This draft law eliminates the existence of a worldwide contingent of employment opportunities to be established by the Council of Ministers for the purpose of granting a visa for obtaining a residence permit for the pursuit of a subordinate professional activity,” it added in the presentation of diploma reasons.

This week, delegates to the Constitutional Affairs Committee approved a number of proposed amendments to the government initiative, presented by PS, IL and PCP.

The PCP proposal amended an article on the residence permit for higher education students, which became valid from two to three years, “renewable for equal periods and, in cases where the duration of the study program is less than three years, is issued for the duration of the term”.

Among other things, the Socialists approved their amendment to an article that provides that “the holder of a short-stay visa or a temporary stay visa for seasonal work has the right to enter and remain throughout the national territory and to carry out the activity specified in the relevant visa”, which extends this condition to “other” activities and not just those specified in this visa, “in one or successive employers”.

Author: DN/Lusa

Source: El heraldo