Rodolfo asks Duque not to evaluate or award the Canal del Dique tender

the senator Rodolfo Hernandezof the League of Anti-Corruption Rulersreported this Saturday in a statement he requested in a letter to the president Ivan Duke do not evaluate or award the bidding process for the Dam canal.

This “for legal and technical reasons that would make the process harmful economic risk in front of Colombia under the circumstances in which it is currently formulated”.

It adds that the current technical-economic definitions for this contract lack the appropriate economic return as a concession and this corresponds to a public-private association, as the investment of the potential bidders is not evident and it is more of a public work with commitments of future validity of the state of Colombian.

“In addition to the impact on the navigability because of the size of the locks that goes against the intended design for the river fleet because of the Magdalena Riverwithin the other project for this river, there are serious problems due to the lack of proper and full consultation and signed agreements with all communities, a condition that you know very well is the cause of a serious disturbance in the hiring of every project in the country,” it reads.

Source: El Heraldo