Opposition points to ‘disorganization’ and ‘divestment’

The PSD has come forward and will submit a request to parliament to hear the interior minister about the closure of a police station in Porto. But if the governor’s trip to the Assembly of the Republic is approved, deputies will want to hear José Luís Carneiro about all the controversy surrounding the lack of police in major urban centers. And the opposition oscillates between the idea of ​​disorganization and disinvestment in the security forces. The solution of mobile posts is seen as an cyclical response to the alleged increase in crime and not as a structural response to this problem.

Paulo Cunha, vice president of the PSD, at a press conference on Monday in Porto expressed the party’s concern about the closure of the 9th PSP police station in Porto, in the Infante area, which he classified as “a new episode” contribute to the Portuguese perception of insecurity.

Author: Paula Sai

Source: El heraldo