“It has nothing to do with cronyism”: government by appointments in the Creg

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Diego Mesa, on Tuesday defended the recent appointments of the government of Iván Duque to the Energy and Gas Regulation Commission (Creg).

This is due to the fact that, despite the discomfort of the alternative sectors, Iván Duque has appointed Andrés Barreto, outgoing Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, and Natasha Avendaño, outgoing Superintendent of Public Services, as experts in the Energy and Gas Regulation Commission. (Creg).

Duque was criticized by members of the Historic Pact and senators from the Green Alliance, denouncing that he was trying to “maintain control of the Creg”.

It is important to point out that Angélica Lozano expressed her objections at the time: “They would like to appoint three new CREG commissioners a few days before the end of this government to try to torpedo the new government in a strategic area such as the regulation of the energy sector and gas.”

The Green Party senator said the Duque administration’s goal is to “mess up their chips”.

Faced with this, Diego Mesa indicated that both Barreto and Avendaño have the ability to hold the position. He insisted the nomination is a duty of the president and denied it was a “game”, as several opposition members have denounced.

“The incumbent government has the option to appoint new commissioners or to ratify existing commissioners. In this case, the terms of three supervisory directors have expired and we will proceed to appoint new supervisory directors. That was exactly what happened four years ago in the previous cabinet, three commissioners were also appointed when their term expired. I am very surprised by all the discussion when we as a government are simply fulfilling a duty. This has nothing to do with favoritism,” Mesa said in a dialogue with Blu Radio.

The Commission for the Regulation of Energy, Gas and Fuels (Creg) is the Colombian entity associated with the Ministry of Mines and Energy and charged with regulating electricity and gas services.

There are only five expert positions within the committee, three of which have already been elected by Duque. In addition to Barreto and Avendaño, last May, the still president appointed Luis Julián Zuluaga, who was part of the team of the Ministry of Mines (MinMinas), as expert

Source: El Heraldo