Government chose 21 wise men″ to create the new National Defense Strategy

Government chose 21 wise men″ to create the new National Defense Strategy

The committee that will assess the Strategic Concept for National Defense (CEDN), which has been in force since 2013, has been elected to the committee and consists of military personnel, academics, economists, ambassadors, lawyers and some former political leaders.

According to the order published this Friday in Diário da República, the “Council for the Review of the Strategic Concept of National Defense”, chaired by the former Minister of Defense Nuno Severiano Teixeiracontains names such as Leonor Beauty and the economist Victor Bentoa total of 21 prominent personalities in Portuguese public life.

The other names, in alphabetical order of the diploma, are Ana Santos Pintoformer Secretary of State for Defense and Professor of International Relations at Universidade Nova de Lisboa;Bernardo Pires de Lima political adviser to the President of the Republic and research associate at the Portuguese Institute of International Relations (IPRI) of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Bruno Cardoso Reisexpert historian, international security and researcher at ISCTE’s Center for International Studies; Carlos Gaspar, IPRI researcher, adviser to the National Defense Institute and former adviser to Presidents Ramalho Eanes, Mário Soares and Jorge Sampaio; the ambassador Francisco Seixas da Costa, former Secretary of State for European Affairs and former Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York; the ambassador Graca Mira Gomescurrent Secretary General of the Internal Security System; Guilherme d’Oliveira Martinsformer Secretary of the Treasury, Presidency and Education; Isabel Ferreira Nunecs, director of the National Defense Institute (IDN); Isabel Furtadobusinesswoman and director of COTEC Portugal; Major General Joao Vieira Borges; Jose Matos Correia, former deputy chairman of the PSD, doctor of law; O Brigadier General Duarte Costa, President of the National Civil Protection Agency; the economist Manuel Caldeira Cabral; the geopolitical expert Miguel Monjardino; the ambassador Paulo Vizeu Pinheirosecretary general of the internal security system; Tiago Pitta and Cunha, Person Award and Director of the Oceano Azul Foundation; it is the Major General Vitor Vianaformer director of the IDN.

“It is therefore imperative to start the process of revising the CEDN, given the need, identified in the government program, to adapt national defense to changes in the geostrategic environment,” the government underlines. For this purpose, “the contribution of a group of personalities of recognized merit, drawn from different fields of knowledge, with different academic backgrounds and professional paths, is essential to reflect on the issues underlying the CEDN”.

The aim “will be to contribute to the adaptation of national defense and armed forces to the needs of the next decade, which therefore requires forward-looking vision and innovation, taking into account the new realities of global and regional security, in particular those affecting the security of the European continent, the Atlantic Ocean and other essential spaces for our collective security In an area such as defence, so affected by rapid and significant technological and geopolitical changes, It is essential to set priorities that fit the challenges of our time”.

According to the order, the Council “will submit the Major Options proposal to the Secretary of Defense until January 31, 2023, with operations ceasing on that same date.”

Author: Valentina Marcelino

Source: El heraldo