Giorgia Meloni ready to fly to London to reassure City investors

The financial giants and investment banks of the City of London want to see this clearly. And understand what will happen to Italy after what promises to be the big victory in the center-right elections on September 25th. Let’s talk about Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Eliot, Fidelity, Blackrock and Bridgewater, just to name a few. The City Hall, in short, wants to understand what are the projects and intentions of what the forecasts give as the next tenant of Palazzo Chigi: Giorgia Meloni.

As revealed by an article published by La Stampa, the leader of the Brothers of Italy is planning a trip to London to meet the city’s leaders and reassure them about the future of our country. This was revealed to La Stampa by a manager of the Brothers of Italy who prefers to remain anonymous. According to the manager, contacts have already begun and it was Guido Crosetto who created the dialogue with the markets. The City Hall wants to know the degree of compactness of the center-right and to be sure of the coalition’s ability to hold out until the end of the legislature. And above all he wants to know what economic policies will be implemented. “The concerns raised by the Financial Times will be resolved in the space of one night: the one in which we will make known who will be the Minister of Economy”, reveals the executive to La Stampa. And who will occupy this important place after September 25th? According to La Stampa, the name of Fabio Panetta would be very welcome, but the ECB executive committee member seems to have different ideas. Another option could be Giulio Tremonti, but there is no unanimity on his behalf. In any case, Giorgia Meloni’s trip to London will serve to dispel these shadows.

Source: IL Tempo