Marques Mendes says he has no ambition to go to Belém or any other political office

Marques Mendes says he has no ambition to go to Belém or any other political office

In a long ‘lesson’ for the students of the 18th edition of the PSD Summer University, Marques Mendes also made a prediction about the package of social support measures that the government must approve in the Council of Ministers next Monday.

“It will be a very robust package, an impact package as far as I know, with a lot of government spending. I don’t know the measures, it could even exceed Luís Montenegro’s already bold and robust proposal. The government’s package could be a big problem,” he said.

Marques Mendes was challenged by the director of the Universidade de Verão, former MEP Carlos Coelho, to give a taste of the election cycle starting with the European elections in 2024, continuing in 2025 with local elections and ending in 2026 with parliamentary and presidential elections.

As for Belém, the former PSD chairman said between 2005 and 2007 it was “very early” to make predictions, but emphasized that the four civilian heads of state elected so far were party leaders.

In the student interrogation phase, Mendes was challenged to decide whether to follow the path of the current president of the republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and after serving as PSD leader and television commentator in a candidacy for Belém, or who would see that spot in the center right.

“To repeat for the umpteenth time – although some think this is not real, but it is -: it is not in my ambitions, in my goals, in my goals for the future, any candidacy, albeit for another position “, he said, without naming names, possibly for this job.

The former Social Democratic leader also tried to challenge agreements with the current president of the republic, saying that he was much better both in political commentary – “he was the pope of the commentary” – and from a political point of view.

“The only great similarity between us is that we are united by a great friendship,” he said.

As for the rest of the election cycle, Marques Mendes defended that the PSD’s “great ambition” should be “the first to win the European elections”, stressing that this would be the party’s first electoral victory in nine years.

“Second, try to win or get the greatest possible result from local authorities and especially try to return to government in parliamentary elections,” he stressed.

As for the latter, which should take place after the presidential elections, Marques Mendes believed that the PSD “has a great chance” of winning them, expecting that the opponent on the PS side will no longer be the current prime minister, difficulties in the coming years for António Costa.

“Everyone knows that the Prime Minister would very much like to hold a European position – and if there had been no snap elections, he probably wouldn’t run for office in the 2024 legislature to try and secure a European position – this could be a huge undertaking. cause personal and political frustration to the current prime minister,” he warned.

For Mendes, “it will be a tragedy to have a Prime Minister who is frustrated, disillusioned, crabby and unhappy with his life.”

“He is a prime minister who does not have the full capacity to lead the government,” he stressed.

For more than an hour and a half, Marques Mendes argued that the country and its politicians should be more ambitious in their goals, not be afraid of structural reforms and do “what is important and not just what is urgent”.

“Political life is dynamic, it is more like a film than a photograph. The resignation of the Minister of Health is an excellent example of how politics has cycles, ups and downs. Power is the most ephemeral in the world, it would make people must be to maintain coherence and humility,” he challenged.

The 18th edition of the PSD Summer University, a political training initiative for young people that has been taking place since 2003 (with a two-year break in 2020 and 2021 due to the covid-19 pandemic), will take place in Castelo de Vide (Portalegre) from Monday until Sunday, with the party chairman, Luís Montenegro, to close.

Author: DN/Lusa

Source: El heraldo