“Centenary Voter Lists Abroad”. Fdi candidate denounces fraud risk

There is an immediate report of a fraud risk for the upcoming political elections on September 25th. Andrea Di Giuseppe, leader of the center-right of the Sharing Chamber of the Brothers of Italy, in the North American Central American constituency, is ready to send a complaint to the Public Ministry of Rome, which will be presented in the next few hours.

According to what Di Giuseppe reconstructed, the lists of Italians residing abroad are full of ninety centenarians. Behind this particularity, a colossal electoral coup may be hiding. Which can also affect INPS disaster accounts.

When Di Giuseppe discovered that the ballot had been sent to an address other than his usual residence, he went to the Consulate in Miami. Discover that other address changes, communicated regularly in some cases by the Consulate, were not promptly updated.

“Voting abroad has an intrinsic fragility, as it does not guarantee who actually cast it,” write the lawyers for the FDI candidate in North and Central America. Residents abroad registered on the electoral roll can vote by mail. Starting tomorrow and until September 22, cards will be sent, which will be picked up in various Italian cities, from Rome to Naples, depending on the overseas district. There are four (Europe-Russia-Turkey; South America; North and Central America; Africa, Asia, Oceania and Antarctica) and they elect eight deputies and four senators.

Di Giuseppe found that “out of a total of 437,802 names on the North and Central America division electoral list, 55,490 are between 70 and 79 years old, 45,441 between 80 and 89 and 21,427 up to 98 and 2,218 over 99 years old”. An unreal number, if compared to the Italian centenarians who are 17 thousand in 58 million.

“It is very likely – insist Di Giuseppe’s lawyers – that most of the 124,576 Italians registered in Aire benefit from a pension from the INPS or another fund.” Our pension fund pays 714 thousand pensions abroad for 508 million euros per year, of which 20.9% in North America. “It is realistically conceivable that there are tens of thousands of people who appear on the North and Central American division electoral rolls even though they have died, and that it is therefore highly likely that on their behalf there are third parties exercising the right to vote. vote and seize the pensions of the deceased with powers of attorney or unauthorized computer access’.

Source: IL Tempo