Melons queen of social networks. And the return of Berlusconi thanks to TikTok

Melons queen of social networks.  And the return of Berlusconi thanks to TikTok

In the midst of the electoral dispute, Giorgia Meloni confirms herself as the most present on social networks. Salvini still holds a slight advantage over Enrico Letta, despite fewer mentions compared to the previous week. The other leaders are more distant. Silvio Berlusconi’s position recovers from the previous period. This week the leader of Forza Italia reaches 1 million users, collecting 1 million 100 thousand interactions with an increase of 889.3% The triggering reason for these extra social activities is his debut on Tik Tok.

These are some data from Telpress Italia’s Leader & Social monitoring, carried out with Mediascope, a proprietary web and social listening platform. The Fdi president’s posts reach 22.5 million users, but there is a drop in reach of 41.67%. With 9.9 million users Enrico Letta loses the third position to Silvio Berlusconi who reached an audience of 16 million with 1.1 million interactions. In last week’s report, Telpress also analyzed the terms most used in conversations that show that the most popular words and hashtags are attributed directly to the leaders and the parties themselves. For social people, the recurring words refer to the situation we live in Italy: Covid, vaccine, green pass, energy and expensive bills. For leaders, however, the most frequent words refer to the election campaign itself.

Totally absent are the evocative words referring to the economic-political and social conjuncture of Italy and Europe (Pnrr, economy, environment, inflation). If we analyze the conversations from the point of view of the profiles of political leaders, Carlo Calenda confirms, for the fifth consecutive week, the leader with the highest number of posts on social networks (385), although in decline. Matteo Salvini remains in second (227). Silvio Berlusconi regains positions thanks to his TikTok landing. The social channel most used by leaders is still Twitter, mainly by the center-left.

Source: IL Tempo