Rosatellum, how it works. Giorgia Meloni sinks to the left: “How much does Letta laugh”

Rosatellum, how it works.  Giorgia Meloni sinks to the left: “How much does Letta laugh”

How does the electoral system work and how do you vote in political elections? The “Rosatellum” issue is one of the most important issues in this fiery election campaign. The electoral law provides for the possibility of candidacy in several multi-member constituencies, up to five, possibly in conjunction with candidacy in a single-member constituency. Elected in the single-member constituency is understood to mean the candidate elected in a single-member constituency and in one or more multi-member constituencies.

Today, the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta, addressing the 600 candidates supported by the Democratic Party, said: “There is a risk of making the country take a leap into the void in the next few years. electoral law, this electoral law combined with the reduction in the number of parliamentarians creates a risk that our constitution will be undone in practice, a democratic risk that the country has never experienced as it currently does.” The statements of the democratic leader who made the leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, widened the eyes. “43% of the votes turn into 70% of the seats in Parliament – Letta explained – What I’m saying is not absurd, but possible given the electoral law. And 70% of the seats means being able to overturn our Constitution – he added – eliminate any form guarantee of our system. This means that the right will elect constitutional judges as they wish, CSM members as they wish. It would mean a total overturn of our system.”

Giorgia Meloni hit very hard humiliating the secretary on social networks. “Enrico Letta defines Rosatellum as the worst electoral law our country has ever seen?” And he is right,” the FdI leader wrote on Facebook and Twitter. “It is no accident that it was written and imposed by the Democratic Party, with the Brothers of Italy voting against it. But how much does the Italian left make you laugh?”

Source: IL Tempo