“Meloni wants civil war”, Conte loses the brake on citizenship income

Giuseppe Conte escapes friction with citizenship income and those who want to withdraw it, like Giorgia Meloni. So much so that he accuses the leader of the Brothers of Italy of wanting a civil war. “A political exponent like Meloni who is a candidate to govern the country, but who starts from the premise of withdrawing a social protection system wants a civil war. It is an absolutely irresponsible act and aggravated by the fact that she has been winning for 20 years, 30 years 500 euros a day with citizens’ money and wants to take 500 euros a month making war on the poor. It’s a shameful thing,” the political leader of the 5-star movement told Rainews 24.

“The problem – he explains – is that we are in a crazy emergency, a very serious recession is emerging if the proposal from the right is to take away the citizenship income of people who are already in difficulty” how do you think “they will react?”.

Yesterday the leader of the Brothers of Italy, during Porta a Porta, on Rai 1, reiterated: “I am for the abolition of citizenship income. I say clearly: assistance is needed for those who cannot work, for those who can, it is the employment centers the European social fund”.

Source: IL Tempo